Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer Fun Time in Guangzhou

(originally posted on September 5, 2009)

At first, I was hesitant to have Zek take a long trip for a get-together. He was just recovering from flu and asthma attacks but we still decided for us to proceed to have fun times and activities with other kids. After the 5day stay at Tita Sally’s home, it was all worth our efforts.

He did a lot of activities that helped him with his mastery of skills like, boat rowing with Ate Mimi and Alvine. They had great time and went swimming after. Cooking lesson with Tita Lalet and Tita Lynnah who patiently assisted them every step. Music lesson with Tito Sani and some skills assessment too. He also joined Kuya Jojo’s guitar lesson and Ate Mimi’s piano lesson then he asked me if he can do violin lesson too. He’s discovering his own interest. Arts by doing figure paper-cutting with Kuya Jojo and Ate Mimi then, afterwards, they sang a song together titled “THE MORE WE GET TOGETHER THE HAPPIER WE’LL BE”. Color marathon with Kuya Jojo and they did “Name that tune” game after.

The most important thing they did the entire vacation was they were able to learn to pray together.

It was a very productive vacation for Zek. We were blessed with good friends around us. Even when we are away from our family back home, we got them some bonding moments to remember.

I’ve read in child development that from age 0-7 years old, kids cannot differentiate between right and wrong. They will simply imitate adults or older kids in everything they observed so it best to surround them with good people showing good examples so when they are exposed to uncertainty or something bad, they know how to respond righteously to the situation.

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