Sunday, April 8, 2012

CFA: G2 - Q2 Progress Report

Student Name: Matt Ezekiel C. Santos

Level: Grade 2


We’re back here in China for almost 3 weeks now and it’s a long holiday here when we arrived so it’s still a vacation mood for us.

We were able to do our daily lessons divided during the day since we cannot do it continuously for we also need to give more time to our 4 and a half month old new baby boy. Sometimes if the baby doesn’t want to sleep, we do read the books together and it is more fun for Zek.

There’s a lot of adjustment to do for us since our baby arrives and we keep on moving from one place to another too even during our stay in the Philippines. This is the reason why homeschooling is suitable for Zek.

Progress per subject:

To review us about the Bible stories related to 2nd quarter lessons, we do read some supplemental books or sometime watch DVDs just for Zek help him somehow relate to the topics on his CLE book and remember names and places needed.

Math: Introducing division operations is still an abstract to Zek and its relation with other operations. It is still difficult for him to identify also if it’s a multiplication or division operation to use for every problem solving when mixed with other operations to solve in one given problem.

Language: Zek favorite’s book is his English Language Power. He doing it and he can finish a lot of worksheets in one sitting even without any assistance most of the time. He still has difficulty in spelling and grammar, he asks when he needs help but he easily gets the idea of it in one discussion as a whole.

Reading: Second to his English Language Power book, his Going Place book in Reading is Zek next favorite. He loves most of the stories in it and he can relate to it with his daily activities somehow. This makes him answer the workbook easily but he needs encouraging ideas so he can express himself clearly in writing letters like making postcards and thank you letters or invitations.

Science: There is a lot of new scientific words that Zek still can not comprehend even after repeated explanations. We also try to show him the actual thing yet he still confused about it so we have to play it with him or tell it to him in comparison to our body like features with the different parts of plants and its needs.

Filipino: Madaling natutuhan ni Zek ang Tagalog na mga salita kapag merong kausap na bata. Natutuhan nya ang PANTANGI at PAMBALANA at magbigay ng mga halimbawa nito, katulad at kasalungat ng mga salita.


Sibika: Ang iba’t-ibang relihiyon at mga katangian nito sa aralin ngayon ay nahirapan si Zek na matutuhan at intindihin ng lubusan kya binibigyan nmin sya ng mga halimbawa sa mga kakilalang kaibigan na maaring makatulong sa mabilis na pag-aaral.

MUSIC: Music is getting harder and harder for Zek to understand this quarter especially in writng the clefs and rests but he does enjoy looking up for the music names just to know what word can we make for every group of notes given.

ARTS: Cut and paste is the work that Zek doesn’t like to do, so to make it somehow interesting for him this quarter, we do use some angry bird’s character in our artworks this time in relation with our lessons.

PE: This quarter, it’s more of a play for us with the body movements and relate to these actions as to how animals move the same. Zek can easily coordinate now with his different parts of the body and its movement.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek was not in the mood to do lessons since we arrived in Philippines.

He’s into a lot of play, everything is new to him and most of the people in the Philippines now are into computer games and gadgets. He lost his interest to do our lessons regularly so we take time-offs from using the computers for awhile until he gets his mood into doing his lessons again. No TV, no computer games and other gadgets will be allowed until we finish our lessons.

2. Money matters are still a difficult subject for Zek.

We provide him a money journal that he can write everyday for every reward he will receive from us comes with his good deeds and this will be his savings for anything he likes to buy like the latest LEGO toy he’s asking for a long time.

In solving equations and problems, we take turns to who’s the teacher – student. This way Zek gets the chance to teach us also and he loves the idea of it.

3. Our schedule daily was divided into more sitting time period than doing it continuously in 1 time schedule regularly.

For us to cope up with our lessons, we need to do it little by little every day since we need to spend more time with our new baby. We arrange our schedule while the baby is sleeping or we do it together while playing with him too just so we can finish from our daily tasks. Zek enjoys doing his lessons with our baby, he teaches him too.

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