Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kids at Work at Kidzania

On Wednesday, before I went to Kidzania, I went to Yamaha practice for my piano lesson.
Then, we went to Kidzania. It’s a city play to learn all things and any jobs. First, I went to the bank to get 50 kidzos (it’s the name of the play money).

I started looking for a job. I went to A1 driving school. I spent 15 kidzos and I got a driving license. Then I tried being a car salesman in Honda. I earned 8 kidzos after that. The next job was to be a pharmacist at Mercury Drug. The things I did there were stacking up medicines and listing them and I got 8 kidzos again. I also rode an airplane for the flight training but I spent 15 kidzos. I met 3 new friends name Nathan, Emmanuel and Elizabeth during these activities.

Next ,I went to the construction site to build bricks and earned 8 kidzos again. At the farm house, I put seeds under the sand, bury them, water them, dig them out to earn 8 kidzos. Next was the ABS-CBN Mobile where I looked and asked a customer if he/she wanted to rent a smart phone to get a free Kidzania apps. I earned 10 kidzos.

And finally at Goldilocks, we spent 15 kidzos for training how to decorate a cup cake. We decorated it by putting icings, football, basketball, volleyball decorations and more. We put it into its box.
Then we all left. There was even a souvenir store to buy when you exit.      

Below is my money report at Kidzania.

I learned that earning is better than spending or in order to spend, you first need to work and earn

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