Wednesday, April 4, 2012

K - 2Q Progress Report

(originally posted on October 12, 2009)


Zek wakes up between 8 - 8:30am

We start the day with his Morning Prayer

Monday we sing the Philippine National Anthem together

Breakfast starts at 9am so we can do lessons between 10-12am mostly now then if we did not finished a day’s lessons we do it again between 4-6pm. He is more familiar with our routine so we have fewer struggles this time. After all the work is done, I let him have his play time or watch educational series he likes or we go out and play do trips to groceries or do some errands together.

Friday we still do short quizzes but mostly review previous lessons orally then play badminton, football or sometimes we go out together during the weekend for bowling, billiards or to regular amusement center he want to go.

Saturday he attends his regular class for additional enrichment activities in PE (arts / cooking).

Progress per subject:

CLE: Zek knows he have a Daddy and Mommy and that we are a Family together. He knows the basic prayers at early age already like the Our Father, Angel of God and Glory be to the Father so it is easy for us this time. He finds a lot of challenges working with others and he has regular friends right now to do things together and let him show act of kindness to them like saying “sorry”, “share” and wait for his turn.

Math: He recognizes now with “Sizes and Positions” and “Rational Counting” but somehow get to have difficulty in to drawing the Picture Graph. We do connect numbers 1-50 to make a picture or figure for his additional exercises.

Language: He can tell different room / places in the house and can talk about school but not familiar yet with some parts of it and people working in it like the Principal, the Offices and Canteen as any regular student.

Reading: Zek learns more sight words and we do read to him 1 regular story for his mastery at start of 2nd Quarter. He is more willing to try reading now especially to things he is interested with like LEGO.

Science: Zek can tell sources of light like the SUN during the day and MOON at night. He can tell uses of water to people and rain for plants, trees and animals but have difficulty sometimes to use it wisely when he enjoys playing during bath time.

Filipino: He is comfortable now in writing “tuwid na guhit”, “Pahilis at Pahalang” at mga titik “Bb, Mm, Ii, Pp, Aa, Dd, Hh, Ff, Tt, Vv, Nn, Ññ” kasama ang mga tunog. He knows difference between “Maliit at Malaki”.

Sibika: Zek is now familiar in some of Filipino language and uses it much often but we still have some difficulty teaching him this lesson.

MAPE: As mentions above already for his regular weekly sessions and activities.

Music, we seek some help from co-Parent-Teacher to teach us the tune of the song from the book that we are not familiar with and which we cannot find for online downloading. He also loves singing the songs he hears from the cartoons or movies he watches and ask us to record it for him.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. He still have the delaying tactics when its time for lessons.

I have to consistently explain to him the importance of doing his lessons and wait for him to sit and do the lessons then give him appreciation or reward.

2. He still having difficulty to focus and tell a lot of stories during lesson time.

I have to interrupt him most of the time and make stories that will get his attention to listen to me until we finished the lesson. I will allow him to bring toys on table with us and we pretend that they are too need to listen and watch what is need to be done.

3. He still can not stay still or sit for a long time to do writing or reading.

We have to take a lot of 5 minutes time out or break time just for him to loosen up and forget his boredom. I have to spent more time playing with him then input some of our lessons at the same time just to catch up for a day’s work with less struggle to each other.

4. In writing, he still has difficulty straightening his letters in 3 lines.

I have to put some dots on the paper or books he needs to write on until now down to 1 dot only to guide him where to start.

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