Sunday, April 15, 2012

CFA G2-Q4 Progress Report

Student Name: Matt Ezekiel C. Santos
Level: Grade 2


For our fourth quarter activities, Zek joined the Catechism every Sunday and Choir Practice for mass songs every first and last Saturday of the month. We also enrolled him at Karate-Do class for additional physical education.

Our usual routine of doing lessons for the day is about 2 hours in the morning and 2 more hours in the afternoon. He also goes swimming during his noon time break every other day.

Progress per subject:

To provide more church activities for Zek, we let him join the Catechism every Sunday and ask him to write his short story about the experience.

One time when he got sick, he was very sad thinking that God is punishing him and he was crying while asking for forgiveness for all the mistakes he has done. When it was my turn to get sick he lays his hand to me and pray over for my healing very quietly.

Math: Telling time gets easy for Zek this quarter since he receives a wrist watch gift for Christmas though it was digital we ask him to compare time with our analogue clock on the wall. He also learns a lot about the calendar year, number of days and name of the months.

For more practice about money, we play monopoly and visionary game boards once in a while.

Language: Practice writing a letter is one of Zek favorite lesson to do since we ask him to write letters for his friends, playmates and families during the Christmas time. He also exchanges letters with his friends who lives nearby our apartment then we let him write a story of his daily activities too.

Reading: Zek enjoys more now in reading books, we provide him story books that has activity or worksheets every after story that he can answer and do by himself during his free time and ask him to retell the story to us then we do some question and answer portion after. Spelling is still a struggle for him somehow, so every time he asks about spelling a word for him we do pronounce it to him and let him do the spelling as we say try to dissect the word in syllables.

Science: Zek appreciates now the stages of growing, he keeps on measuring his height and his baby brother. We’ve been showing him all his milestones photos and videos for more familiarization and he has a lot of questions popping up on his mind as he watches every stages.

We also do exercise every morning as much as possible and explain to him the benefits, we go to gym sometime too for his additional orientation and include the healthy foods that goes with it.

Filipino: Natutuhan naming ang mga salitang kilos at mga Gawain na sa araw-araw na maaring ihatihati sa bawat miyembro ng pamilya at pagtutulungan sa tahanan.

Nahihirapan pa si Zek sa paggawa ng sulat sa salitang tagalog at pagsasalita ng tuwid sa Filipino kaya ginagamit nmin ngaun ng madalas ang salitang tagalog sa pag-uusap araw-araw sa loob ng tahanan.

Sibika: Nadagdag sa aming kaalaman ang mga tanyag na pinunong Filipino ngayong ikapat na aralin at natutuhang pag-usapan at alamin ang kakayahan ng bawat isa o katalinuhan taglay na maaaring maibahagi at gamitin upang makatulong sa ating bansa.

MUSIC: Zek learns about the Filipino native songs in his lessons and get familiarize with them as we sing and dance every song. Though, we have some difficulty remembering pitch name and Cleft for the keyboard including the symbols.

ARTS: Famous Filipino people in relation with arts and remembering their names not easy for Zek to recognize this time but he finds it easy to identify different occasions and greeting cards that goes with it. He makes one in every occasion as we celebrate it.

PE: We practice a lot of our folk games and songs this quarter. We also play with him the game mentioned in the book for more fun learning and easily recognition. Names of every game in tagalog is still not easy for Zek to say or remember this time.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek attention span is still our concern.

At the end of the day, we ask Zek to write a story about his activity just to provide additional seat work for him besides regular work sheets that makes him bored. This will improve his patience and improve his creativity in expressing himself in writing letters.

2. Some mathematics lesson gets confusing.

Especially when it comes to money, peso is still new to him since we stay out of the country most of the time of his growing years and it’s still a lot of learning process for us. To practice, we explain that the value stays the same wherever we go and only the currencies are changing depending on the country and that PESO is called the Philippine money. We do practice somehow during our time to buy groceries or food outside.

Measurement is also a difficult one for him, he still gets confused. We familiarize him by using actual height, weight scale and ruler though names are hard to remember for him.

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