Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CFA Q4 Progress Report

(originally posted on March 10, 2010)


We do our regular routine of lessons starts at 10am but do another session in the afternoon if we are not yet done. Zek needs a lot of break time and mind setting.

Mondays, we listen and sing a long to Phil. National Anthems.

Thursdays, he attends his regular class for additional enrichment activities in MAPE (with cooking lessons too every once a month).

Fridays, we do review previous lessons orally then play some educational online games together or some indoor sports depending on what he chooses to do.

Saturdays & Sundays, Zek started attending Kung Fu (Wushu) class for 2 hours every session,


Progress per subject:

CLE: Zek recognizes the signs of holy spirit now and is eagerly learning more about it. He knows somehow that Holy Spirit helps us on everything we do, that it makes us brave and brings us closer to Papa Jesus. Zek always asking us for something to give whenever he see a street children or beggars on our way.

Math: Zek learns a lot about comparisons now, if it’s same, less or more with counting more than 10. Addition and subtractions up to ten digits is much easier for him to do now with the use of abacus like toy or anything that we can use for rational counting too.

Time and date with the use of calendar is familiar for him now also and we still practicing everyday for his mastery.

Language: Zek had mastery of positions at this time of In-Out, In-On, Under-Above and Left-Right. He can tell days of the week, month and year with the use of calendar but still needs a lot of practice for consistency.

Reading: He can tell “which comes next?” now when doing story telling or if asked “what does the picture tells about?” and can do read with understanding of simple sentences too but still needs a little help.

Science: Zek can describe common animals around and how to take care of it. He can tell what objects in the sky are and knows what to do during daytime or night time according to his schedule too.

We were able to visit Science, Space and Railway Museums for his educational trips and exploring adventures.

Filipino: I print out the “patinig” at “katinig” then we practice reading the sounds of each letter then put it together to make a word. He still confused on some tagalog words that he rarely encounter but he tries reading it well.

Sibika: He can sing the Phil. Anthem by himself although a little confused on wordings.

MAPE: We listen to VCDs that has rhymes and we sing a long with it together for his easy to remember rhymes for music and his YOMIyomi classes every Thursday for 1hr.

AWARDS: Best in Math and Most Trustworthy Award

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. He has good memory on subjects he is interested to like math and drawings but we still struggle to make him sit and listen when time to do lessons especially if it’s a lot of writing.

We deal with him with constant reminder that we need to do lesson first before he can watch the TV show he likes and most of all play online games. Then we wait for him patiently sitting on our lesson table while asking “Are you ready?” repeatedly until he shows the initiative to do so.

I need to provide more colorful stuffs or make it like we’re playing games sometimes just for him to easily grasp on lessons he’s not interested to do and play with him together like the words that rhymes as matching game while singing it with familiar tunes he knows.

We let him listen to his favorite songs or stories while doing his practice writing to make him focus and make the exercises done well.

2. He still had difficulty reading Tagalog words especially those that he can not understand and writing them but a fast learner when English language was used.

We let him watch tagalog versions of cartoons that he likes every Sunday online for his own understanding and read a long with him a tagalog book that one of our friends here let us borrowed for additional learning materials, it is very helpful.

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