Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let’s Go Green

(originally posted on December 13, 2009)

Sunday morning we went to visit the 12 hectares Birkdale Nursery here in Zhuhai with Uncle Tibs for Zek Science project. He worked in the company as Senior Horticulturist and Nursery Manager and he was so kind to show us around in spite of his rest day and teaches us a lot about parts of plants, stages of growing in a way how a boy like Zek grow and what they need to grow healthy. He helped us to do some skill assessment too for Zek 3rd quarter progress report. He let Zek do some plow up of soil to the seed tray then show him stages of growing plants and how they store them during winter season to protect them from cold strong wind.

We saw big, small and tall in sizes trees of about 25 meters high and different kinds of flowers like the bottle brush flower, the yesterday, today and tomorrow flower because of its 3 changing color from white to yellow to purple and Zepharanthes or rain lily the kind of grass that grows tall with flowers. Also the monkey puzzle tree called Araucaria that uses as Christmas tree to some foreign countries and the Banyan tree that grows alot of roots that likes a curtain and there’s so much more to learn about this place.

Zek had a great time! He likes most the soil plowing part and how they water the plants by using sprinkles in a timely manner but most specially to big trees that has dripper fixed into their soil. Uncle Tibs described it to Zek like when people get sick and stay in the hospital with injection. He is also amazed how they put name tags on each plants and how they lined them up so straight in groups together.

Uncle Tibs gave him an outstanding grades with a remarks that “he is very inquisitve and likes to explore but he needs to focus more.” because Zek keeps asking questions while running around and jumping in between of uncle Tibs lectures.

Thank you Uncle Tibs for your time spend with us, having a lot of understanding with me and very informative tour around the Nursery of

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