Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kids at Work at Kidzania

On Wednesday, before I went to Kidzania, I went to Yamaha practice for my piano lesson.
Then, we went to Kidzania. It’s a city play to learn all things and any jobs. First, I went to the bank to get 50 kidzos (it’s the name of the play money).

I started looking for a job. I went to A1 driving school. I spent 15 kidzos and I got a driving license. Then I tried being a car salesman in Honda. I earned 8 kidzos after that. The next job was to be a pharmacist at Mercury Drug. The things I did there were stacking up medicines and listing them and I got 8 kidzos again. I also rode an airplane for the flight training but I spent 15 kidzos. I met 3 new friends name Nathan, Emmanuel and Elizabeth during these activities.

Next ,I went to the construction site to build bricks and earned 8 kidzos again. At the farm house, I put seeds under the sand, bury them, water them, dig them out to earn 8 kidzos. Next was the ABS-CBN Mobile where I looked and asked a customer if he/she wanted to rent a smart phone to get a free Kidzania apps. I earned 10 kidzos.

And finally at Goldilocks, we spent 15 kidzos for training how to decorate a cup cake. We decorated it by putting icings, football, basketball, volleyball decorations and more. We put it into its box.
Then we all left. There was even a souvenir store to buy when you exit.      

Below is my money report at Kidzania.

I learned that earning is better than spending or in order to spend, you first need to work and earn

Monday, August 3, 2015

Smart Kids Asia 2015

On Sunday, we went to Mall of Asia SMX Center to see the Smart Kids Asia Exhibit where there were lots of activities, books, games and foods. I went to National bookstore and read a few books there. I read about Ninjago.

Then we went to the Space Science area. We played airplane and helicopter flying. Then, we went to the food zone where Jollibee, Potato Corner, Chip Delight and more food stores were located.

Aim joined the Taekwando karate kick to see how high the kids can kick and how to kick the ballon and pop it. There was even an educational zone like Vibal, CMA, Kidzoona and more.

We have lots of fun during our family time. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lego Building Competition

On Saturday, we went to Shangri-la for the Lego Building competition.

During their promo called “Toy Mania”, it was full of many toys like Lego, Hexbug, Tomica, Tobot and Uno. It was a 4-day promo.

I joined Lego because that’s my favorite toy. And I’m not the only one who likes Lego. My younger brother, my friends and all the participants like Lego, too. My new friends name were Pablo and Jack. There were around 20 participants for toddlers (4 to 6 years old) and around 30 participants for kids (7 to 12 years old) . We built lots of Lego things before the competition for our practice.

Then after a few minutes, the competition started. First was the toddlers' turn. Their category was to build ”a house”. My brother Aim built a house with a tree. He forgot the other parts that he needed to build such as door and roof but he added a mailbox. Then they announced the winners. A 4 year-old girl won first place and Aim was the second place! He won a Lego Bionicle poster and a certificate.

Next was for me and the other participants. Our category challenge was “What will you give to your parents as a gift?”. I built a graduation hat and a pencil. The others built a cup, a clock, a gift box, a golden watch and a heart. The kid who built a clock was in second place. I was very happy and excited when they announced that I won first place. I won a Php 3,000 worth of Lego sets and also a certificate.

I am very thankful.