Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Week Procession

(originally posted on April 24, 2009)

Holy week celebration has just started when we arrived in Philippines for our annual vacation. We always join the procession in honor of our family patron, St.Peter.This has been a Santos’ family tradion for years. This year Zek gave his self-sacrificing participation without any complaint throughout the way. He helped push the decorated and well-lit float of St.Peter with Papa Ben and Tito Rommel guiding him for more than a kilometer long way around the village followed with more images of saints.

Everyone who saw him was amazed of his perseverance and noble action as a child though this was just really like playing for him. He just turned 5 and his faith is bigger than us, his parents. We have a lot of hesitation everytime this season comes with a time for absolution, but he showed us a great example of how to be a real child of God.

This is how I saw him as an angel to us, his parent.

Great Job Kuya Zek! We are so proud of you.

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