Monday, August 29, 2016

Martial Law Years

On September 21, 1972, Ferdinal Marcos declared Martial law.

Ferdinand Marcos has a suspended the writ of habeas corpus meaning that he jailed anybody who did something that he did not like.The time when Ferdinand Marcos was president, many people in Philippines were jailed, tortured and even killed under his command.

The people in Philippines were protesting because they did not like the president Ferdinand Marcos so he jailed the people that were protesting.

He makes election every 4 years but he still won because of the martial law and he was greedy power power

In 1979, Ninoy Aquino has heart sickness so he went to USA for his operation.But the people in Philippines were asking Ninoy Aquino to go home and help fight Ferdinand Marcos. Ferdinand Marcos has cancelled Ninoy’s passport so he will not go home and he told stories like he will die if Ninoy returns.

On August 21,1983. Ninoy Aquino returned to Philippines and he was shot by an unknown sniper and he died.

There was an election in 1986 and Ninoy’s wife Cory Aquino became the president and all the Filipino people joined her and fought Ferdinand Marcos.

One of Ferdinand Marcos’s general in police, Fidel Ramos and army friend, Juan Ponce Enrile were no longer loyal to him and they joined Cory Aquino. Ferdinand Marcos ordered to kill all rebel soldiers in EDSA but Cory Aquino called on all the Filipino people to defend their camp and Ferdinand Marcos’s army refuses to shoot innocent lives.

Slowly all Ferdinand Marcos’s army and police joined Cory Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos has no choice but to call help from America and brought him to Hawaii.

Ferdinal Marcos was president for 21 years.

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This article is part of Zek's National Heroes Day homework for his Pilipino subject.

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