Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

(originally posted on July 25, 2009)


We celebrated the day starting to a healthy jogging around the Beach at 7am in the morning then breakfast to the nearby McDo, Zek’ one of favorite dining place and he is also a member of the McDo kids club doing weekly activities.

Daddy always takes time to play with me everyday and patiently explains to me virtues in life that I need to learn. He do racing cars video game every weekend out with me while mommy is doing the groceries. He brings my toys to fix in his office whenever he can and surprises me with it when its done. We do putting back my toys on its proper places on some nights before we go to sleep and he had a hard time when I ask to sleep on my own room the first time because he can’t sleep without me by his side. When I started going for a summer class during our vacation in the Philippines, waiting for 2 hours seems too long for him to stand. He miss me already! What else can I ask for when I have a great DAD always beside me to watch me grow and teaches me the best things in life that comes from within us. Our time spent in prayers everyday too keep our bonding moments more stronger each day.

Before the day’s end, we tried the Zhuhai - Macau cruising Boat at Wanzai Tourist spot. They serve a buffet dinner while sightseeing lights display in the “City of Dreams” at night time. It’s an amazing view from the deck area of the boat, we are blown away (literally by strong wind) by the beauty of Macau architectural bridge design looking under it. Magical shows also provided for additional inboard entertainment.

We will never get tired of spending moments together.

Happy Father’s Day to the best Daddy in the world!

We Love you!

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