Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grade 1 - Q2 Progress Report

(originally posted on October 14, 2010)


Mondays, we let Zek sing the Phil. National Anthems all by himself.

Thursdays, he attends to his regular violin lessons.

Fridays, MAPE lessons as required from textbook then do some tryouts for “Street Dancing” class for him during weekends.

Saturday, we do attend Chinese-English library class.

Our day started with a prayer as he wakes up then breakfast which ends up to 9:30am then we can start do our scheduled studies according to the lessons plan.We do first some physical exercises according to his mood before we go to our daily worksheets.

Progress per subject:

CLE: Zek follows Jesus’ examples in loving and caring for others especially when we saw street beggars, he will immediately asks us for something to give to them always. He prays in becoming more obedient and asks help to God in doing his lessons every day. He also prays for Daddy and Mommy to be more patient with him during study time and so with our every activity to do.

Math: Zek is now familiar with addends, sum, minuend, subtrahend, difference or remainder, factors and products up to 3 digits. He sometimes get confused with addition and multiplication so he gets a lot of exercises every day to master the techniques of addition with carrying, subtractions with borrowing and multiplications.

Language: Zek is now comfortable talking about oneself and others using personal pronouns. He is now familiar with SH, TH, WH, CH and IING words with their pronunciations and identifying time expressions.

Reading: Zek shows interest about creatures in the sea and had a lot of questions when we watched the “Little Mermaid” movie. He is taking time to pray every night all the things he wants to Thank God for all his activities during the day and is more appreciating with his simple Blessings every time.

Science: Zek is learning more about animals in land and water with their body parts and their differences; he loves the birds and gets sad when he saw a picture of it with broken wings.

Filipino: Nalalaman na ang pangalang TIYAK at DI TIYAK, mga Panawag sa tao, pagdadaglat at Inisyal at Panganlang Pambalana. Mas masayang masalita ng wikang Filipino ngayon kahit na hirap sa mga pangungusap.

Sibika: Nakikila ngayon ang mga Pambansang Sagisag at nasasabi. Nagkaroon ng kaalaman sa mga pambasang tanawin ng Pilipnas at magagandang lugar na maaring Makita sa bansang Pilipinas.

MUSIC: Zek is now familiar with musical notes, staffs, clefs, bar lines and draws it correctly. He sings the notes then identifies them according to the musical sounds.

ARTS: Zek can now create pictures from his imagination, recognizes objects from clay, shows creativity in making print designs and enjoys his works as he completes the activity to show to others after.

PE: he identifies the basic animal movements correctly and is now learning the value of cooperation and sportsmanship as he attends some tryouts of “Street Dancing” class.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek is starting to do a lot of delaying tactics right now.

We do explain patiently most of the time that as we delay things needed to be done the more he cannot do the play he wants and we get less time to do other activities together outdoor or indoor. If he needs more time on every lessons, we give it to him as he needed it depending on subjects we do like in mathematics.

2. He is now taking more initiative to start the lessons but gets tired easily.

So to get the most of his good mood, We let him choose the book he likes to do first then go on to next according to his interest to get it done faster than with usual timeouts from him if he’s starting to get bored.

3. Zek expresses his angers verbally whenever it is too many lessons to do.

We just be quietly waiting for him to let it all out whenever this situations happens as should be expected then we provide him all his accomplishments for studying his lessons well and when he calms down, we ask him again if he’s ready to start again our work.

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