Tuesday, April 3, 2012

K-1Q Progress Report

(originally posted on August 24, 2009)


Zek wakes up between 7:30-8:30am

We start the day with our Morning Prayer

Breakfast starts at 9am so we can do lessons between 10-12am when we started Q1 then if we didn’t finished a day’s lesson, we do it again between 4-6pm after his nap time at 2-4pm every Monday to Thursday. He is more attentive in the afternoon so we do it mostly at that time. After all the lessons are done, I let him play computer games he wants or the educational online games of www.starfall.com. Friday is we do short quizzes about 5-10 items, he usually gets 1-2 mistakes, before play the game he likes.

Most of the subjects are being taught by me while his daddy Rowin assist me in the CLE and Math subjects from time to time.

Then we end the day by saying the Rosary, Zek starts the 1st Mystery mostly before he fell asleep.

Progress per subject:

Its our 1st yr doing home schooling, so we are more in a lot of adjustment period and trials. Zek shows less interest in writing and reading at start but every time we show the result of his work and explain to him the details, he’s becoming more enthusiastic.

Language: According to Darwin’s International School where Zek had his summer program, he can express himself well in english language. He uses polite expressions and can introduce himself. He likes making sounds and identifies them well to animals, what object and vehicle used. He is sometimes confused with the use of THIS IS A/AN, THESE ARE, THAT IS and THOSE ARE.

Reading: Zek can remember some sight words now that we usually read on his books. It is easy for him to see the pattern, same and different, recognizes directions.

CLE: Zek is starting to recognize Papa Jesus and Mama Mary but not completely as God made everything around us yet. He knows the basic prayers, Our Father, Angel of God and mostly how to pray the rosary which we do everyday before bed time. He can do sign of the cross but sometimes confused on using his left hand even in writing. He does have a little difficulty to initiate caring for things/toys around him but will eagerly join our cleaning and arranging at times.

Math: He can count from 1-100 and knows missing numbers, what is next and some rhymes. Recognizes basic colors (attached is his project in mixing colors) and matching shapes and names.

Science: Zek learns quickly most of the lessons with body parts, animals and plants. He recognizes uses of 5 senses very well. He could identify if a food is a go, grow or glow food.

Filipino: We do struggle understanding most of the Tagalog words in the book so I need to do explanation in English always, though he can do all the worksheet in Sining at Pagsulat book easily.

Sibika: We do have difficulty pronouncing some words in tagalog in this book but he enjoys the IBA-IBANG MUKHA, recognizes them so well. The rest need more practice, as we do have to do the Tagalog speaking day only for this subject.

MAPE: We usually go to amusement center where we can play table hockey, but if weather is not too hot we go play badminton or ball catching.

We enrolled him on every saturday class for ARTS and doing some cooking lessons at YOMI-YOMI ( korean version of Gymboree classes).

Music, we downloaded the songs needed to be learned from his books from internet then have it sing it together and record for him to playback and listens for his mastery.


1. He whines doing a lot of writing or reading. We do have difficulty making him sit down for the lessons and stay until it finished.

At first I have to patiently wait for him but there are times that I end up reprimanding him in frustration. I learned some tactics now to compromise with him every time he gets the lessons done.

2. He sometimes had difficulty remembering some words or reading.

I learned to do some play with him on this, he likes cars so much and so one time I did a parking space with colors in words and play with him what color of his matchboxes goes to where parking space. Then we print the “Twinkle, Twinkle Star” song and have him sing it while reading each word in lyrics. Hoping, he will always remember it.

3. During lesson, Zek keeps on changing the topic. Does not want to focus and draw anything he thinks on his book.

We patiently listen to his stories first so he would follow the same example that when its time to the teacher (mom or dad) to talk he have to listen too attentively and show him the result as soon as we are done.

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