Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2010 Summer Achievement

(originally posted on May 24, 2010)

During our 2 month vacation in our country in Philippines, Zek attended the Academic Enrichment Program at Lord’s Angel Montessori School which provides him a Preparatory Assessment Test of 95 items. We we’re so nervous for him not to be able to pass the examation as a home schooled student, he made a score of 88 points. We don’t do long testing during our entire Kinder level, only quizzes for his mastery of skills.

At the end of his Intesive Program, he was given again another Skill Assessment Test for Grade 1 level of 50 items. He was able to get 40 correct answers from it, we are so overwhelmed for his achievement. He also gets a recommendation to go for Grade 1 level which CFA considered as well from our time of Enrollment.

We’re able to bring him to AVILON ZOO with Tita Eyet and Kuya Robin for their Educational trip, he likes most the white parrot that bites his hand because he keeps on shaking the tree branches hoping it will make it go down to his arms. For he loves it everytime he gets his turn for the parrot to go walk over his shoulder. He watched endlessly the white monkey, that according to him moves like spiderman with all those twigs and ropes around the caves.He gets the chance to give carrots with the rabbits and guinea pigs which he so much enjoy doing with his friend kuya Robin.

On the other hand, it makes him somehow overcome his fear of riding the airplane on our way back to Philippines knowing that he gets to ride this time with his American friends Madisen, Chase and Hunter. Hearing them talking and laughing at the back makes him feel comfortable too during the entire trip.

He get to enjoy his airpline ride now unlike before that he is really hysterically frightened of it, we are so thankful to God for this is a great recovery of one of his emotional challenges in life.

But most importantly, we did our yearly visit to the BETHANY ORPHANAGE to show Zek to somehow share his blessing to others. That he may also get the chance to know each of them and to play with all those 40 resident children living in there under the care of Sister Shirley.

It was all FUN after all.

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