Thursday, July 30, 2015

Metro-Wide Shake Drill 2015

On Thursday, we went downstairs to watch the earthquake drill. An earthquake drill is an emergency activity to learn to be safe. The working adults, young students and teachers were involved in the shake drill (another name for earthquake drill).

We also joined the drill and practiced what we need to survive like preparing “go bag” with first aid, food, water, whistle, flashlight and wearing helmet which are the important things to survive during earthquake. Our family also pretended our house got hit by an earthquake.

There are three things to do during earthquake – duck, cover and hold. Shake drill is important so you can survive in an earthquake.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Visit to the Fire and Police Station

On Wednesday, we went to the Eastwood fire and police stations to join some CFA preschool student (well, actually I’m in grade 6) in learning about fire safety and police protection.

First, we watched fire safety rules like “stop, drop and roll” when you’re on fire, two ways of getting out of the house, “fall and crawl” so you won’t smell the smoke, and not playing with matches or lighter. Next they show the complete fire suit, like fire boots, fire pants, fire coat or jacket, face-mask with oxygen tank, helmet and axe.

Then they taught us how to slide down the pole and how to put out the fire with a fire hose. To slide down, you need to hold the pole and cross your legs and slide slowly. Next in order to put out the fire with a water hose, you need to hold the nozzle and target the fire before pulling the lever.

My brother Aim enjoyed the toys inside the fire station and the suit and helmet.

Finally, at the police station, we went to the women and children’s office, to the camera room for the police to watch if any prisoner escapes and to the prison cells. There were two prison cells. The first is for men and the other is for women.

We had so much fun and learned much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Residence Inn Zoo

On Saturday, we went to the Residence Inn Zoo ( in Tagaytay our vacation for our short holiday break.

Inside the zoo, there were so many animals like furry white horses, feathery blue parrots, a two-humped brown camel, orange and black striped tigers, hairy brown lions, sticky green iguanas, furry brown monkeys, big fat python snakes, sneaky black spiders, colorful fishes and fat black pigs. There were even fun activities like horse-back ride, zip line, animal and magic shows, playground, biking, animal picture taking, bird feeding and 5-D cinema ride.

There were a couple of rooms to stay overnight with nice view. We spend one night in the zoo. Then, we explored the zoo and did things that are available. Kuya Jc also enjoyed the zoo. Me and my cousin has lots of fun there and so did our parents.