Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving Up

(originally posted on April 24, 2010)

This is our most awaited day from the day we started doing home schooling for our son, Zek.

Finally, we made it to our Moving Up day and completed all the requirements needed to passed KINDER level at Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA) our Home School provider. It is not as easy as it may seems to be especially when we started it to our 5 year old son last school year. He can not sit for at least 10 minutes continously we had a lot of time outs for him just to make him come back at start again to do lessons or activities needed to accomplished witihin a day. It really is a hardwork to always think of an ideas on how to input the everyday topic in a way that he can easily comprehend. Make him listen is a difficult task already, how much more to make him understand an 8-10 books lessons a day. We made it through God’s graces to us, daily prayers and asking for HIS guidance makes it work to each one of us. We are so thankful for God was able to supply us enough courage and patience to do the given task for us each day.

We have learned that it should be enjoyable learning for kids to easily grasped any learning methods effective for every child’s needs and so here we are for our Moving-Up day.

We missed to attend the Catholic Filipino Academy Graduation Day for SY2009-2010 at Sanctuario De San Antonio Parish Hall, Forbes Park Makati last March 25,2009 so we we’re adviced to still do the ceremony.

Zek has received his Kinder level Report Card and Certificate of Excellence in Mathematics with Most Thrustworthy in character Award Medal last April 29,2009 especially given by his Grandparents which he called Papa and Mama, Mr.Silvino and Mrs. Tonette Santos. We started the ceremony with a short Thanksgiving Prayer by Daddy Rowin then a treat of his favorite Pizza and Ice Cream with all his cousins plus a giveaways to those who come share with us this special event of his Pre-School life.

We are so proud of you, Zek! We are so happy to all your achievements. May God keep you safe and healthy always.

We love you so much! - Daddy and Mommy

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