Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hanging Out With The Heroes

It was a night of fun hanging out with our movie heroes.

National Museum

On Wednesday,  May 27, we went to Manila where we found National Museum. 

First, we put our stuffs in the package area and went inside the museum. I saw lots of arts like the Virgin Mary, mother dog’s revenge, a handmade city and more. The learning zone is about 1 to 3 floors. I took lots of pictures of them.

My favorite art is the very big church (Rowin: It’s the old Senate Hall). There is even a second floor that it’s like a luxurious house own by rich people. My mom’s favorite art is bamboo trees paintworks.   

My Entrep Champ Workshop

On May 16, 2015, we went to Global tower, BGC Taguig, where there was a workshop called “Little Boss”. The speaker there was Mr. Paulo Tibig, the author of the book “Strategy of Entrepreneur Champion”.

My favorite part was when we do the business planning with my group-mates. Following the six Ps - Product, Place, Promotion, Price, People and Packaging.

My dream businesses are shopping mall, making my own car company and my own airport. My favorite of them all is to have my own shopping mall.

We were all about sixty kids and I met new friends like Bettina and Mikko. My cousin JC joined too.

We learn an important DESS principle of donate, earn, save and spend. We also learn that the money that go around is like the merry go around. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Milo Chess Summer Clinic

Day 1 - April 27 
We registered for the Milo Chess with Bono, my cousin. We brought our own chess sets, notebook and ballpen.
Day 2 - April 28
We learned new moves like castling, and we tried to practice that lesson during the chess games.

Day 3 - April 29 
Our teacher taught us about the stop-clock. When you make a move, they will press the button so the player’s clock will start ticking. We practiced that for tomorrow.

Day 4 - April 30
T0day is the tournament day where we challenged other players. After the games, Bono and I won a bronze medals.