Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ondoy Victims for Zek

(originally posted on October 10, 2009)

We are on the road 9 “Jesus was born for me” lesson of the Christian Living book, showing him how Jesus is a gift to us. Then we discuss how can he be a gift to others too with the illustrated pictures of street children from the book also, he said “that I can drink my milk, choco and eat well then I can give foods for them to eat.”

Then I show to him again the pictures of the Ondoy’s calamity victims, I ask him to pray for them and what he would like to tell Papa Jesus about them? He paused for awhile and say softly, “Papa Jesus please make the water go down so people can go back home.”

I didn't expect that he can already say something like that at his age of 5, he is still so playful and I, myself don’t know what to pray at that moment for them to give him a good example. I just waited for him and I am so glad I did and to have tried asking him by showing the photos for him to see again that make him understand.

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