Wednesday, April 4, 2012

G1-Q4 Progress Report

(originally posted on March 10, 2011)

AWARDS: Best In Math ; Most Creative


Mondays, we let Zek sing the Phil. National Anthems all by himself.

Fridays, MAPE lessons as required from textbook then do some outdoor games and exercises based on current lesson. We weren’t able to join Friday club for 4th quarter as we’re hoping to as soon as we arrived back here in the Philippines so we settle on what available activities we can do on our own here at home.

Our day started with a prayer as he wakes up then breakfast which ends up to 9:30am then we let him play first with his cousins since and when it’s time for them to go to school then we started doing our lessons too right after we had lunch. We let him watch his favorite cartoon network channel also since he wasn’t able to do it back in china.

We’ve got different schedule this time as we have new environment and people around us back home here in Philippines.

Progress per subject:

CLE: Zek knows more about God’s work and stories from the Bible. He is now getting more familiar of the church activities since we can regularly go to mass when we arrived back home. He still have lots of questions and confused why God is in heaven and we cannot see, talk or touch Him.

Math: Zek learns more about fractions, money and measurement this last quarter. He also enjoys our lesson of telling time although still have some difficulty with minutes of the clock. He is now familiar with identifying graphs especially when related with toys.

Language: Zek is now recognizes with writing of sentence, difference of asking, commanding, and telling to exclaiming sentences. He can easily do the punctuation marks after each sentence but still need assistance with constructing or arranging sentences to form a correct pharagraph.

Reading: Zek loves to identify expressions of each faces. He enjoys re-telling the stories we read on his own version and very observant on details especially when he is interested on the story we are reading.

Science: He learns a lot on this 4th quarter about the environment, how to save the earth and weather conditions in the sky. He loves to draw each weather type in connection with different countries. He always watch the weather report on TV news.

Filipino: Nakapagsasabi ng tungkulin at tuntunin sa pamayanan. Natutunan ang mga pangungusap at di pangungusap sa paghahambing sa bawat uri katulad ng pautos, pakiusap at padamdam.

Sibika: Nasasabi ang mga uri ng tulong ng pamahalaan at mga pinuno sa baranggay. Nasasabi mga karapatan at tuntunin sa pamayanan kung paano pangangalagaan ang kapaligiran at pagtulong sa kapwa tao maging sa pamilya sa loob ng tahanan.

MUSIC: Zek enjoys learning about the music beats with his favorite star wars movie theme song but still get confused with how the notes getting their sounds and names.

ARTS: We learn more about the environment this quarter and applying it on his daily activities. We started recycling garbage for about a year now.

He still loves drawing and really gets focus when he’s in the mood to express his emotions on paper just about any time of the day or even during our lessons.

PE: He’s now familiar with most of our native music but still have difficulty with understanding with the lyrics in tagalog.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek starting to dislike our daily routine and we do struggle again on our everyday schedule of lessons especially when we get back home.

We still do our regular studying time but the mood is not the same since we’ve got lots of distraction coming on us here in Philippines but we still need to finish our work on time and explain to him that we’re nearly over.

2. He easily gets distracted and doesn’t want to do lessons on time.

I need to patiently keep on asking him to start doing our lessons then we can play and do everything we want after. I keep on asking him, “can you help mommy to finish our work?” then he replies accordingly to our daily activities.

3. We weren’t able to go Friday club for this last quarter as we hope to do so.

In alternative, we go out for any activities we can find in the mall or play with other friends and relatives who can visit us during the weekend.

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