Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home-schooling Tips

(originally posted on August 20, 2010)

Based on our true-to-life funny moments with Zek.

Tip No. 1 : Do not jokingly call your child “masyado” while listening to a Tagalog Christian song ” Ang Buhay ng Kristiano”.

Reason :Otherwise, your child might learn to sing, “Ang buhay ng masyado ay masayang tunay..(hep, hep) masayang tunay”.

Tip No. 2 : Do not teach music and Sibika together if the Sibika topic is about global direction - Kanluran, Hilaga, Timog, Silangan.

Reason : Otherwise, your child might sing this way ” Do…Re…Mi….Fa….So….La….Ti….Mog……

Tip No. 3 : Do not teach math while your child is looking at toy brochures.

Reason : Otherwise, your child might think the 6-12 (years old) means -6 ( because 6 take away 12 = -6)

Now, who says that home-schooling is only a strict activity for parents and children. .

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