Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Colorful Resort

On April 21, 2015, we went to Malolos so we can swim with my cousins Bono, Ate Clarisse, Ate Eunice, Eurryx and Euanne. We went to Grass Resort.

First, we left our things at the bahay kubo then we took a shower. There is a kiddie pool and a deep pool. We swam around, play, jump and dive (and flop ) for 3 hours.  After that we went to the boat and rode it by pulling a tight rope tied on both ends. We don’t have a paddle.

Next we practiced our photography . Going around, I took photos of a wooden window, a small waterfall, a brown metal garden light and lots of colorful and interesting plants and flowers.

Then, we played badminton before finally leaving for home.

Araw ng Skating (with Friends)

Summer Reach-Out 2015

The Summer Reach-out 2015 is all about learning and fun. Their seminars were about Arts and Craft, Personal Development, Acting, Animation and Photography.

I chose photography because I like pictures. I learned about capturing the light, emotions and timing. Next, we pictured the white plastic cup and made a story. Next, we pictured the whole event and the shops in the mall and their logos and other interesting things. Finally, I submitted the photos of plants, human, food and shop logos because those pictures are nice and beautiful for me.

Our teacher is a fashion photographer, kuya Jeffrey Herbolario.

Summer reach-out is memorable for me because I learned about photography and met new friends. Theo, from CFA, was also there!   

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Holy Week For Jesus

On Holy Wednesday night, Bono and I pulled the St. Peter carriage. The design is that the rooster is besides him, angels are at the front and flowers are around the carriage. We pulled it around the whole of Alido subdivision in Malolos Bulacan.

On Maundy Thursday night. We went to EDSA shrine church. We held the station of the cross and our parents read the prayer and reflections while the kids sang a religious song. Bill ( my choir friend ) carried the cross and I carried the candle.

On Good Friday in Alido church, Papa Ben, my grandfather, made a speech in Filipino language for the Seven Last Words of Jesus and his topic is the fourth last word. At night we have another procession.

On Black Saturday night we sang to Jesus, “Queen of Heaven Rejoice” while others performed dancing and singing also during the “Salubong”. There was even a fireworks show.

Finally, on Grand Easter Sunday Feast at the SM MOA Arena there was a holy mass celebration, lots of stories and lots of singing. The priest is a foreigner and uncle Brother Bo Sanchez was also there at the arena. He told a story called the Good Samaritan (it’s a play). A man was hurt by a robber and the Priest and the Levite did not help but the Samaritan helped the poor man.

If Jesus was here, I will thank Him for saving us and I promise that I will try not to sin again.