Monday, August 29, 2016

Martial Law Years

On September 21, 1972, Ferdinal Marcos declared Martial law.

Ferdinand Marcos has a suspended the writ of habeas corpus meaning that he jailed anybody who did something that he did not like.The time when Ferdinand Marcos was president, many people in Philippines were jailed, tortured and even killed under his command.

The people in Philippines were protesting because they did not like the president Ferdinand Marcos so he jailed the people that were protesting.

He makes election every 4 years but he still won because of the martial law and he was greedy power power

In 1979, Ninoy Aquino has heart sickness so he went to USA for his operation.But the people in Philippines were asking Ninoy Aquino to go home and help fight Ferdinand Marcos. Ferdinand Marcos has cancelled Ninoy’s passport so he will not go home and he told stories like he will die if Ninoy returns.

On August 21,1983. Ninoy Aquino returned to Philippines and he was shot by an unknown sniper and he died.

There was an election in 1986 and Ninoy’s wife Cory Aquino became the president and all the Filipino people joined her and fought Ferdinand Marcos.

One of Ferdinand Marcos’s general in police, Fidel Ramos and army friend, Juan Ponce Enrile were no longer loyal to him and they joined Cory Aquino. Ferdinand Marcos ordered to kill all rebel soldiers in EDSA but Cory Aquino called on all the Filipino people to defend their camp and Ferdinand Marcos’s army refuses to shoot innocent lives.

Slowly all Ferdinand Marcos’s army and police joined Cory Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos has no choice but to call help from America and brought him to Hawaii.

Ferdinal Marcos was president for 21 years.

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This article is part of Zek's National Heroes Day homework for his Pilipino subject.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Animal Arts

Last Sunday, we went to Alabang where we made our dragonfly artwork

First, we went to the Molito Building where the artwork is located, and then we registered and went to the table where we will make the art.

These are the items we used – wooden clothesline clip, paintbrush, color paints, water, two eyeballs, glue, wings, bendable wire and button.

To make the dragonfly, these are the steps:
1. paint the cloth clip, add some design 
2. glue the button then the two eyeballs
3. put the wings to the cloth clip
4. to make the other kind of wings get two bendable wires
5. make the bendable wire into wings
6. do the same with the other bendable wire but make it smaller
7. then put it to the cloth clip

After we were done making the dragonfly we all went home

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Itik-Itik sa Linggo ng Wika

Last week, my new school Seven Pillars celebrated the Linggo ng Wika.

When I went to our gymnasium, I was wearing classic Filipino shirt called Camizo de China with a farmer hat and a pair of rubber slippers.

Our grade level performed the “Itik, Itik” dance. The lower grade levels also danced while the upper grade levels performed play-scripts about old Filipino folk stories.  The Grade 8 class presentation is a bit nice because they have props, sound effects and costume.

After we danced, we went to our classroom to rest and changed our clothes then we watched the program.

Our school also made some food stands for the school’s business club. Before there was one stand and then there were three.

I enjoyed our performance because I learned some old folk dance moves. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Moving In

Last June, my family transferred to a new place in Sta. Rosa called Laguna Bel Air 2. There is also Laguna Bel Air 1, 3 and 4 so it is a big residential area. We are renting a big yellow house which is near my new school.

The time when we arrived to our new house, it was both exciting and scary for me because I can meet new friends and I get to sleep in a very dark room.

From Monday to Friday I go to a traditional school named Seven Pillars Catholic School. It has two big green buildings, one for the students below grade 6 and another for the higher levels. In this school, all of the teachers are friendly and even the principal teaches us.  It is quite fun there because every Friday we go outside and do some physical exercise and I can do my favorite sports there like badminton and football.

 I met new friends there and their names were Justin, Sean, Carl, Raphael, John, Stanley, Jonathan and Marcus. Not all of them are friendly but I still like them and I’m still kind to them.

 Every time I return home, I finished my assignments and then I can have fun time like watching in the computer, reading some books, playing my favorite toys with my brother Aim and so much more.

I think this place is nice and now I feel happy and even more excited.