Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grade1- Q1 Progress Report

(originally posted on August 10, 2010)


Mondays, we listen and sing along to Phil. National Anthems in the morning with some church songs too after to warm up our start of the week.

Thursdays, he attends to his regular art classes for additional enrichment activities in MAPE (with cooking lessons too every once a month).

Fridays, MAPE lessons as required from textbook then do some outdoor activities according what games he is interested to do and most of the time we do badminton or his football with some warm up exercises shown from his MAPE Sunshine book.

Our day started with a prayer as he wakes up then breakfast which ends until 11am then we can start do our scheduled studies according to the lessons plan. Zek still needs a lot of mind setting and timeouts every subject so it took us the whole day to finish a day’s task required and does some backlogs during our free time on the weekend.

Progress per subject:

CLE: He is learning more about God’s gift to us, God created the world and God is our Savior. He will start praying whenever he is afraid like if there is a storm with a continuous loud thunders and lightning. He is just still confused with God’s given talents and how to take care of it and the things around him.

Math: Zek is familiar with Ordinal, Numerical and Word numbers but has difficulty with Arabic counting for now. He gets the idea of counting by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s already but still slows on it as same with Odd and Even numbers. We do provide him flash cards of Addition for additional exercises and let him use abacus for larger digits that he can’t count with his hands anymore.

Language: He does a lot of spelling of commonly used words in our daily home routine works and by pronouncing the consonants sounds correctly. He is starting to show proper behavior too when someone is speaking and using polite words.

Reading: We do a lot of practicing with reading and he tries to read a book that he is interested to by himself and understanding the meaning of each new words that he encounters every time. He still had a hard time reading longer words and comprehending them all together but gets the whole idea of the story.

Science: We were able to show him some of his videos while growing and explained the difference, he watched over and over again those he likes most. He can identify his major body parts from head, upper and lower limbs according to the book.

Filipino: He shows interest in using tagalog language for everyday conversation, he became more familiar in Patinig at Katinig and putting them together to make words.

Sibika: He knows now being a PILIPINO and differences with each other’s appearance and the PHILIPPINE MAP with directions. He likes learning the KALUPAAN at KATUBIGAN and resources we can get from it, it is all a new things for him to discover.

MAPE: We do follow the guide to do each week from the book then go out for a walk and play for additional activities. We also started a Violin lesson for better understanding of notes and mastery of skills in the instruments.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek is still having a hard time explaining himself verbally for every topic given.

But he can always put into drawings whatever he has in his mind so I need to keep a clean bond papers or any kinds of papers handy for him so he can just grab one anytime and sketch things that’s going on in his mind whenever he feels to do something or else our books and notebooks will be filled with all drawing than lessons.

2. He can’t manage to finish all subjects in a day.

So we do first all the subjects that I can get his interest with and make him do all the worksheets from the book then the rest will be done when I get him into good mood to sit again and work. The rest will be divided during the week as home works or assignments with his Daddy to work it out with.

3. Focus in one thing is hard to Zek to do.

Zek got a lot of things going in his mind. He can’t focus in one thing for a long time. Besides a clean paper to be readily available for him to scribble each time, we also need to patiently listen to his stories always then he will be willingly do the work after. This makes our study time longer every day.

I am running out of techniques to keep him working, as my frustration is getting harder and harder for me to deal with as we go on to each subjects.

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