Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CFA Q3 Progress Report

(originally posted on December 16, 2009)


We do our regular routine of lessons.

Friday we still do short quizzes but mostly review previous lessons orally then play some games & rest most of the day because he still had to attend a lot of activities on weekends.

Saturday he plays football game started since October 17 end summer 2010 but Zek wasn’t able to play regularly due to his asthma.

Sunday he attends his regular class for additional enrichment activities in PE (arts / cooking).

Progress per subject:

CLE: Zek recognizes Mama Mary and St. Joseph as parents of Jesus here on earth but with still so much questions or confusions about the Holy Family or as the Trinity. He was happy to give help or provides with the needy especially when we he saw a beggar he would ask for something to give to them.

He knows how to pray the basic prayers already like the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be to the Father. We do pray the rosary too and he says 1 mystery sometimes if he’s not yet too sleepy after he prays his night prayer of Angel of God.

We also started to do his “Gratitude Journal” last Nov.21 and attended Family Fun day.

Math: He recognizes now the rational numbers, matching numbers with sets of objects, some words and figures. He is familiar with before, between and after, missing numbers and some shape patterns. He can somehow identify ordinal numbers too.

Language: He can described things now in colors, shapes and sizes. He can recognize clean from dirty, wide and narrow and the different faces too.

He played as policeman with his teachers from art classes for his community helpers. He can identify them and talk about some parts of the community.

Reading: Zek learns matching pictures to words now and words that rhymes mostly by playing his educational computer games includes the Beginning and final consonants.

We were able to do U.N Day Celebration with friends who do home schooling too, pls see details at

Science: Zek can described parts of a plants now and what they need to grow. He can identify now things and different taste mostly the sweet and spicy, hot and cold.

We’re able to visit a Nursery of for his project last Sunday, Dec.13. A good friend worked as Horticulturist teaches Zek a lot about how to grow a plant & help us do skill assessment.

Filipino: He is more confident now in speaking tagalog like magkatunog na salita at unang tunog na salita and letter sounds of A, E, I, O, U with the other alphabets.

Sibika: Zek recognizes people around the community now and can described them with their basic duties. He enjoys being a student now from his weekend activities and starting to know how to be a good student and listens well.

MAPE: As mentions above already for his regular weekend art sessions and sport activities.

Music, he also loves singing the songs he hears from the cartoons or movies he watches and ask us to record it for him then listens repeatedly especially the mandarin/ Cantonese languages that he do sings.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. He has difficulty remembering some words and stories from lessons.

He plays words hunt with his daddy for reviews and mastery then we did acting out together some stories from his books for his easy understanding of the topics.

2. He still has some struggles to focus on some of our day’s topic.

We do include his favorite toys like Lego and robots during our lesson time, we talk to them instead than to him more and he replies with different voices for his toys with correct answers and full cooperation. We let him color or draw on his drawing pads too just to make him concentrate while he listens to the subject and answer properly or make him listen to his favorite songs or music just to calm him down for awhile.

We still need to do a lot of work to channel his energy into more productive way that he may learn how to focus on things one at a time to be able to do more lessons correctly.

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