Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CFA: G2-Q3 Progress Report

Student Name: Matt Ezekiel C. Santos
Level: Grade 2


After breakfast, Zek plays football game or basketball game with his Daddy before he leaves for work. Then he does the problem solving exercises on the white board that his Daddy gives to him too as his quizzes for Math. He can easily get bored in doing sit down worksheets for all the daily subjects. They also practice 1-2 songs in the morning with guitar accompaniment of his Daddy.

At the start of the day, we also schedule all physical activities and do Zek’s favorite subjects after wards so we still have the energy to do it and finish all as required.

On this 3rd quarter, Zek goes to soft hockey ball game every Saturday and McDo kids club art classes every other Friday for DIY projects for our MAPE activities alternating with our DIY ceramic figure paintings.

Progress per subject:

This quarter, Zek learns more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Sacrament of Baptism, The Sacrament of Confirmations and The Sacraments of Communion that helps us to spread the Gospel in one’s own way. But somehow, he is still having some difficulty remembering names from the Bible stories and relating them into our real life. He still can’t believe why God is in heaven and all the people stays here on earth.

Math: Math is a difficult subject for us now to master so we give more exercises to Zek on a white board than on the book worksheets that bores him a lot and takes him the entire day to finish. He becomes more interested now in fractions because pizza is his favorite food that we use for solving problems instead of saying it as pie graph. He is still confused with arranging the fractions from ascending to descending and vise versa.

Language: One of Zek favorite subject this time is his English, he can easily understand the lessons and finish the worksheets fast. He knows how to write, describe and compare things now using adjectives. Identifying adverbs of place and time in sentences with proper use and explaining how actions are done.

Reading: Zek is getting more and more accurate now in describing and comparing things, people and places. For his reference too, we let him watch DVDs that related on every topic that he can relate somehow to our topics. We read stories for him that given in the book and ask him to re-tell it according to his own words as how he understands it then we let him compare and describe each character mentioned in the stories.

Science: Zek learns about Physical properties of Matter and he is interested to know more about it especially when we did how glass can be breakable and luminous. He likes the lessons about sounds also and how it is produced. Somehow he cannot grasp yet the idea that the earth is like a big magnet with the gravity that moves the object towards the ground.

Filipino: Natutuhan at nalaman ni Zek ngayon aralin ang mga karapatang at tungkulin ng bawat tao sa pamayanan. Kasama din sa aralin ang kaantasan ng pang-uri, mga bilang na ordinal at mga pang-uri na isinasalin naming sa English para sa mas madaling pang-unawa nya. Medyo nahihirapan pa si Zek sa pagsusulat ng dikit-sikit at patuloy na nagsasanay upang maging maayos at maintindihan ang mga salitang kanyang isinusulat.

Sibika: Ang mga pagdiriwang pambansa, panrelihiyon at pansibiko ang tinalakay sa aming aralin kasama na ang pagkilala sa ating pamahalaan na hindi naging madali sa aming pag-aaral sapagkat madalas ay naninirahan kami sa ibang bansa kaya hindi naging pamilyar sa mga pangalan ng tao at petsa ng araw na isinasaad sa libro si Zek.

MUSIC: Zek loves singing but notes and musical alphabet still sounds a little bit out of range for him. Though he is more familiar now with identifying pitch names, staff lines and spaces, G-clef and F-clef and learns the meaning of melody. He sings songs with his Dad playing the guitar every morning for him to be more familiar with so-fa syllables.

ARTS: Zek have more interest in arts, drawings and paintings. This 3rd quarter he learns more about the names of festivities in our country, shows more creativity in doing his work of art, becomes more careful in handling sharp objects used and appreciates his work of art.

PE: Zek easily learns most of all the ball game techniques in relation to his soft hockey ball game. He is able to play regularly this 3rd quarter every Saturday where he acquires and learns control with hand, eye, feet coordination during the game with the help of the coach. He was able to improve locomotors through participation in simple relays and foster value of honesty with sportsmanship through simple game.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek is easily get bored on sit down worksheets and reading books.

We give him more exercises on the white board or on glass windows or table that he can write and be interested in doing to more quickly than on the book or paper.

And for all our reading activities, we read together the stories then talk about like we just telling stories to each other about a movie we watch together. This way, he can easily understand what we read about and get to express his own ideas too in retelling the story and how he understand it on his own words.

2. Mathematics is hard for him to master which equation to use.

Morning exercises on the white board or glass window helps him grasp the idea and operations applied on each problem. We also show him and apply to our daily routine like eating pizzas the fractions needed for him to master. We also supply him other materials with more colorful pictures for additional activities and practices. In addition too, we play mental math together during our long trip or going out for mall.

3. Sit down worksheet takes too long for Zek to finish or even to start working on it.

We do our activities mostly orally as much as possible as long as he gets the ideas then we do worksheets later when we get him to sit down or if he’s in the mood to do writing. This way he can accomplish more work than forcing him to doing it regularly.

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