Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Childhood ZHTV1 Show

(originally posted on November 13, 2009)

快乐童年(3.16周二)-珠海广播电视台| 珠海视听网

Zek was invited to participate in a YOMI-yomi Promotional TV Show today to be aired on the local Zhuhai China TV Chanel 1 for the month of March 2010.

They did “Bubbles Making Show” using different materials like big hoola hoops for them to go inside and experience being inside a big bubble. Zek kept on talking to them in Mandarin language showing how much he enjoyed the activities with his Fil-Am classmate, Hunter and with 2 others from Japan and China.

This activity gave Zek a lot of play with learning experiences for his growth in the social aspect of life. Their school provides the children every class a different activities and things for them to explore like cooking, arts and crafts with themes each week high-lighting outer space, under the sea, about trees, flowers and plants growing around them.

Enhancing creativity in every hands-on activities each week is aimed at nurturing social and emotional skills and building self-confidence through art, science exploration and more. Zek, as an added bonus, has been also learning to speak Mandarin more confidently because of his classes.

Funtime means play time and learning time altogether at Yomi-Yomi.

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