Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Family Fun Day

(originally posted on November 28, 2009)

Zek was able to join a whole day of recreation at QSI Family Fun Day.

He hits a goal for the football games then he doesn’t want to give back the ball when others kids is on queue waiting for their turn to play too, good thing they got 1 more extra. He won a Bionicle Toy Robot which makes him want to play the Wet Sponge Throwing to hit a girl’s face on the hit board with Hunter and Chase. He keeps on showing it to all the people he meet on his way around the school while Uncle Matt (Hunter’s Daddy) have seen it 26 times according to him for Zek endlessly asking him to look at it everytime he sees him. Then he do catching fishes to get other toy prizes and basketball for his first game to try.

Foods mostly are his favorites too like the hotdog sandwich which he first order then a popcorn and we takeout some cupcakes for Daddy after he was tired of running out on the field’s track and playing with his american friend Hunter at the playground’s monkey bar.

Zek had a great time but he gets tired so easily due to his coughs and colds started yesterday, he ask me to go home early and so excited to show his daddy all the toy prizes that he won especially the Bionicle.

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