Sunday, April 8, 2012

CFA: G2-Q1 Progress Report

Student Name: Matt Ezekiel C. Santos
Level: Grade 2


As we stay here in Philippines right now with our new baby and without a ready help-on-hand, our study habit varies on our location too. We’ve got lots of distractions and more things to do that focusing on our daily task becomes more difficult to manage according to our scheduled activities that needs to be done.

First quarter is always a big adjustment for us after a long vacation, though we are still able to get hands-on on what’s needed to learn, it’s still like we’ve missed a lot of lessons.

As we woke up, we pray that we can do our daily lesson and finished our assigned daily task, then we can do our errands in the afternoon and some artworks too before by the end of the week.

We’re hoping to be more settled with our regular study habits by 2nd quarter and do more things as we get along our daily routine wherever we may be.

Progress per subject:

Remembering names, dates, time and places in relations to the story is somehow difficult for Zek right now since we’re not yet familiar on every character in the Bible and stories are still new to him. The Catechism class during our Sunday mass is somehow helping him to get familiarize with the characters and moral lessons needed to be learned.

Math: This quarter, mathematics is more of like a review to Zek since he is now familiar with the numbers and problem solving using addition and subtractions. Completions of his answers still needed some reviews and practice for improvement. He is still confused with what operations to use whenever he encounters a problem in a sentence form.

Language: Making a paragraph and a sentence is now getting easier for Zek since expressing himself now is becoming more common to him as he’s given a situation that he can handle according to his age but he still needs a lot of practicing with grammar, identifying different kinds of pronouns while practicing the value of perseverance with being polite and showing courtesy with others.

Reading: Zek enjoys reading a lot now but with some complaining if we’re asking him to read more of a long story books since just by looking at it makes him bored already. We need to do more in identifying parts of a letter and paragraph writing for his mastery of it.

Science: We do enjoy recalling his growing years again this quarter and Zek can relate more especially when we include his baby brother in the discussion. He know his sensory organs with its functions and some basic parts of it too while we show him how to take care each part of the bodies to be able to stay healthy and strong always as much as we can.

Filipino: Madaling natutuhan ni Zek ang mga TAGALOG na salita sa pananatili namin sa ating bansa ng mas mahabang panahon. Madalas ang kanyang pagtatanong kung ano ang salita katumbas sa tagalog at ibig sabihin ng gusto niyang ipahiwatig sa kausap at kung paano magiging magalang. Natutuhan din niya kung ano ang dapat gagawin kapag meron sakuna at kung papaano ito maaring maiwasan.


Sibika: Nahihirapan si Zek maging familiar sa bansang Pilipinas na naaayos sa kasaysayan natin ngayon namamalagi kami sa ibang bansa ngunit ang pag-intindi sa mga iba’t-ibang anyong lupa at tubig ayon sa kanyang nakikita sa aming pamamasyal at paglalakbay habang sa ating bansa ay nakalilibang sa kanyang pag-aaral.

MUSIC: Familiarization with musical notes and other parts that goes with it are somehow difficult for us to learn though Zek loves to sing along with the sounds, relating the kinds of notes, rests, clefs and syllables are not as appealing to him so we do paintings of it too, for easy memory.

ARTS: We did a lot of artworks provided in the mall areas we can go that are suitable to Zek’s interest and mood. He enjoys doing clothes paintings, building different kinds of blocks, coloring figures he chooses according to his likes.

PE: Zek enjoys his physical education this quarter since he is doing some Wushu techniques with his cousin and practicing his swimming styles too with his uncle almost every day. He’s becoming more and more confident with his body movements and learning is more fun and easy with him during our entire vacation in our country this time.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek needs hear about other people’s rules and regulations that are needed to be followed around the house or in any other places we go.

We keep on reminding him that there are always rules to follow wherever we go and being obedient with politeness and respect needs to be practiced every day for him in Filipino.

2. Problem solving in Mathematics is still difficult for him to identify.

For easy way of familiarization, we give him 1 -2 problems a day using familiar names of people he knows in relation with the situations he handles in his daily routine.

3. We weren’t able to go Friday club and CFA activities as we planned too even if we stayed longer in our country this time.

As an alternative, Zek did swimming lessons together with his cousin’s family that makes him more confident now to go to the deeper part of the pool somehow. We also found some ways to do his artworks provided in the malls that is best suitable in his interests.

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