Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lego Mini-Build

On Sunday, we went to the Lego Store with David and Tita Vicky.

Today’s free Lego set is a scuba diver. It’s a simple set that’s why it was easy to build. You just need to register (first 50 kids). David, Aim and I built the divers and we brought them home.

Then we ate at JCo. We ordered burgers, Chocó shakes, hot Chocó and lots of donuts then we all went home.

(Daddy Rowin : The previous day, Zek also participated at the Lego Speed Building Challenge. He did not win but he did well with 5:40 minute completion time. He congratulated the winner although he felt bad. Good job, kuya Zek!)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Our Christmas Star Lantern

For this year, we made star lanterns for Christmas instead of our traditional holy manger. The stars show the symbol of God’s sign when and where Jesus was born on the first Christmas eve.

For this project, we needed barbeque sticks, glue, thread, colorful yarns, yellow spray paint and some shiny yuletide leaves and balls

We did the following steps:

1.     Form the sticks into a stars and tie it using a thread
2.     Paint it with bright yellow spray and wait for a few hours to dry
3.     Put colorful yarn on the edge of the stars and put the shiny yuletide leaves and balls.

Merry Christmas to all ! 

Butterfly Haven

Monday, November 9, 2015

Math Olympiad

On Sunday, we went to Ateneo School for the Eye Level math Olympiad. I felt nervous but a bit happy to participate.

When I entered the room, all the names of the schools including my CFA school was listed on the board. I went inside room 209 and I was seated at seat number 10 and my examinee number  is 27. The teacher named Mam Ivy gave us instructions before we started the test.

The test was about 40 math questions. I was surprised at how long the test was but I tried to answer them all. Afterwards, they took a photo of all students examinees and they gave us bags and certificates before leaving the class.

My mom picked me up and we went home.

Trick or Treat