Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Its My 6th Birthday!

(originally posted on January 24, 2010)

I’m a 6 year old boy who loves to go to Yomi Yomi to play, learn and have lots of fun. 泽克是一个6岁的男孩谁爱到YOMIYOMI发挥,学习和有乐趣。

It’s my 6th birthday celebration today at YOMIyomi and all my friends were there to learn with me, have fun and play lots of games. Their Daddies and Mommies joined us too and had a great time playing with us the “race to fit in a loop” game, our team won the first time and they catch up on the second round.

With special piano presentation of my friend Sean, 6 years old from Canada.

We made sticky rice with lots of fun shapes together with the help of Teacher Hebe and Teacher Eva then let our Daddies and Mommies got a taste of it, we all love it!

After all games, we had a filipino food snacks. They all love the ground pork spring roll with sweet sticky rice, spaghetti and special macaroni salad by tita Mhy. Ayi Michelle and Ayi Stephanie made us their famous sushi to go with Teacher Eva’s share of the fish filllet.

It’s all a hearty and healthy treats to all of us present that day.

We want to Thank all my friends for coming!

Sophi Melody Sean

Justin Jasper Chase

Hunter Kyla Gelo

Miro Lee John Nico

Natania Lianne Patrice

But most of all, Thank you for my friends, Ate Lianne, Ate Patrice, John2 and Baby Natania who came a long way from Dongguan and GuangZhou to be with us in celebration too.

May we somehow able share with you all our heavenly graces received from our loving Father.

We pray that God may Bless each of your Families always!

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You’re Invited!

January 12, 2010

Hope to see you all at 珠海市香洲区海燕路1号海悦大厦2 on my special day and let’s all have a great time together.

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