Wednesday, April 4, 2012

G1-Q3 Progress Report

(originally posted on January 13, 2011)


Mondays, we let Zek sing the Phil. National Anthems all by himself.

Fridays, MAPE lessons as required from textbook then do some outdoor games and exercises based on current lesson.

Saturday, we do attend Chinese-English library class.

Our day started with a prayer as he wakes up then breakfast which ends up to 9:30am then we can start do our scheduled studies according to the lessons plan. We do first some physical exercises or outdoor activities according to his likes before we begin our daily lessons and worksheets.

Progress per subject:

CLE: He is learning more and more about God’s love each day with CLE, he has more control of himself now by knowing what he only wants and what is necessary. We are encouraging him to prioritize on what is more important and pray always in what everything he do including the needs of others.

Math: Zek is now familiar with Division, Fractions and Money but is still with some confusion with the different solutions used for application depending on the problem given especially when it comes to money computations though he know the difference between PESOS and CENTAVOS now.

Language: Zek is more confident now in comparing persons, places, objects and animals using adjectives with correct pronunciations. He can identify and describe nouns by their sizes, color, shape and numbers. He can answers to situations and questions that ask WHERE, WHEN and HOW more clearly now.

Reading: He loves to read more of his short story books now and answering questions after in sequence of event, names of character and places in relation to the story. He can retell more clearly about the book he read on his own words and identify subjects.

Science: He is interested doing our projects in “Heat and Light” and learning fast about forms of Energy, properties of matter with the sound and motions. But still puzzle in some theories with regards the subject unless it is practically represent in daily task.

Filipino: He easily understand now Filipino more clearly and always trying his best to speak the language confidently but still needs assistance with translation on new words for describing everything in details especially using nga salitang kilos na naganap na, nagaganap pa lang at magaganap pa lamang.

Sibika: He learns more about “PAMAYANAN” this time and how to help in relation with basic needs of the family like us. He’s trying hard to explain himself in Filipino language and making a lot of progress.

MUSIC: Zek can now identify pitch names of notes on the lines and spaces of the staff in G-clef but still need a lot of practice for mastery and memorizations of clue words or sentences for both lines and spaces of musical alphabets.

ARTS: He has more ideas now in expressing his feelings or emotions through arts, respect the works of others and can handles art materials properly according to instructions.

PE: Zek is now have more mastery of his basic skills, developed rhythmic skills and has improved locomotors skills with given directions.

Problems Encountered / Solutions:

1. Zek easily gets bored doing a lot of writings or do coloring worksheets

As he do his writing or coloring activities I let him listens to his favorite music so can stay calm and focus on what he’s doing for our time out or sing along together.

2. He easily forgets our lessons that are not interested with him.

We do play games (ex. Teacher Zek & student – mommy & daddy) of subjects that are least of his interest or talks about it whenever we can get the chance to incorporate whatever topic needed to be discussed for his mastery.

3. Most of the songs in our CLE books are not familiar to us even if we do searching online.

For our alternatives, we do let Zek watch “A Smile of Child” TV program to learn some related songs and additional stories according to the Bible that are also needed to be discussed with him.

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