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CNY 2010

(originally posted on February 13, 2010)

This year, the Chinese New Year Holiday started from Febuary 13 until 21, 2010 so we were able to take this opportunity to do educational trips as included in our CFA 4th Quarter Enrichment Activities.

At first, we went to HK Science Museum 香港科學館| and was able to watch a National Geographic film about Panda for about 45 minutes. Then as we go around, Zek liked it most when he tried the “Driving Simulation” in a real red car parked inside the museum together with a virtual road tracks too. He instantly stood in queue and patiently waited for his turn for almost an hour. When he got out the car, he was proud of his accomplishment that in spite of having a hard time reaching to step on the accelerator (the game was meant for big kids already) he only got 1 mistake for entire 3 minutes time ride for. He kept on telling me, “I did not stop on one red light kasi.”

Then there was the “Principles of Electricity” corner and Zek excitedly tried connecting the plus and minus of the DC power supply to make the miniature train go around the tracks. He loves trains too especially “Thomas, the tank Engine”.

Next stop was the HK Space Museum 香港太空館 where he remembered the stars, the moon, the sun and the planets as shown in the scale model of the solar system - 1. Mercury, 2. Venus, 3. Earth, 4. Mars, 5. Suturn, 6. Jupiter, 7. Uranus 8. Neptune. Zek also did the 6 foot big puzzles of “Rockets” along the way.

Third stop was the “HK Railway Museum”


where he rode the different types of train according to the model and year it was made. He was interested mostly at the miniature displays of all trains too that he can’t take away his eyes on each one of them and he did not want to leave the place. “Which train did I ride Mommy? It’s the red and blue right?”, he repeatedly narrated as he looked closely on each color, style and kind of train inside the museum.

A few days after, we got the chance to bring him to watch the 长隆欢乐世界-欢乐与世界同步-首页

“Circus International Show” with his friends from GuangZhou and it was so amazing. He laughed at the bear carrying another bear in a pull-cart then enjoyed the combat script between a soldier and monkeys in a big tank.

Finally, before the holiday ended, we were invited to go to a hotspring and climbed up Danxia

Danxiashan Geopark

Mountain 丹霞山 of Shaoguan 广东省韶关 of northern part of Guangdong Province of China. It took us about 5 hours road-trip. Zek was able to go up to 600 meter-high and it was not even on top of the mountain yet, maybe just about a half or less of it. Unfortunately, we can not go further up anymore. Our spirits were willing but our shaky and trembling knees simply refused .

As proof of his deep exhaustion after the trip, Zek was already crying on our way home while repeatedly saying, ” I want to go back home.”

Inspite of the very tiring trips and very cold weather with some rains too, it was another fun learning experience for our Zek and a totally enjoyable time with good friends for all three of us.

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