Sunday, May 29, 2016

Buddy Builders

Last May 21, 2016 we went to the Robinsons Magnollia for our Lego Nexo Knight shield-building contest.

As I entered the mall, there were lots of stuff in the Nexo Knight contest such as displays, statues of knights, a building area, a game zone, mini cinema, shelves of Lego toys and even the mascot Clay, one of the mini-figure character from the Lego Nexo Knights.

The contest is to build a shield that is rare or unique, stable, and close to reality. Once chosen, the winner will get to win P3000 worth of Lego items.

After we built our shields, Aim and I took a picture with mascot Clay before going home.

Then next day, we received an SMS message that my brother Aim has won in his category! We were so excited to claim the prize and build another sets of Legos. 

[Daddy Rowin : Zek and Aim also joined a Lego cake building at Lego Shop BGC last May 15 but the winner will be announced at the end of this month. Both are excitedly waiting for the result and hoping to win again.]

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Learn and Play

Thank you to Edu-Cube and its energetic teachers for an hour-long free learning through arts and play.

The East of Galleria kids surely had a blast.


Sunday, May 22, 2016


On May 17, 2016, we went to Malolos for our yearly swimming vacation.

In the swimming area, there are four kinds of pool. First is the big blue lap pool, second is the shallow kiddie pool, third is the deep Jacuzzi, and the fourth is the wave pool which is the biggest with fascinating waves. In the wave pool there is a beach shore design with water sprinkler in the middle.

There is a couple of big brown bahay-kubo where we stayed to place our stuffs and to eat. There are also two zipline and a playground within the resort.

The wave pool is nicer because it has giant waves that can push us back. My cousins and I do tricks like two people locking arms together while the third person sits on our arms. We tried going over the waves and under the waves. After each set of waves, we raced around the wave pool using our yellow and pink ringed float.

After swimming, we went back to our grandparent’s house to celebrate my brother’s birthday. My brother likes Minecraft so we bought him a minecraft-themed cake with surprising details.

Then we all went back home.