Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The A to Z of Successful Living

(originally posted on June 7, 2010)

A – Arrive a little early for every date or appointment.

B – Be enthusiastic in everything you do.

C – Complete every assigned task.

D – Do a little bit more that what is required.

E – Express yourself after you know the facts.

F – Feel comfortable in every situation by being yourself.

G – Go all out to serve others.

H – Help and pray for your enemies.

I – Inculcate positive values.

J – Join in and help when you are needed.

K – Keep your head cool, it will save you more trouble.

L – Listen with your heart not your ears.

M – Make the best with what you have.

N – Never say it is hard, instead try your best.

O – Open your heart to those less fortunate than you.

P – Please yourself by pleasing others. (But remember, you

cannot please everybody).

Q – Quickly respond to any emergency needs.

R – Remember the spirit of Christmas should be everyday.

S – Study as to excel in your profession.

T – Take advantage of opportunity.

U – Use your spare time intelligently.

V – Value your health.

W – Work at your work.

X – X out any qualities or habits that could lead to failure.

Y – You are the most important asset. Treat it well physically

and emotionally.

Z – Zestfully meet any challenge.

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