Saturday, February 1, 2014

Holy Carabao

On Friday, we went to the Holy Carabao and I have fun in there.

First, our teacher show us the carabao and the horse. She said that before we do something fun, we all need rules. We listened and played for a (few) minutes while waiting for the horse and carabao. Then we saw the carabao (with cart) and horses and we rode them. We rode the carabao first, then the horse. 

Second, we tried to go ziplining and it was an awesome experience. I also have a photo taken with the tractor and the truck.

Third, we carefully fed the rabbits and guinea pigs and played with them but we do not go near the other animals. Fourth, we went fishing. They taught us how to fish and I did catch a fish! Fifth, the teacher also taught us to ride a boat.

My most exciting activity was the zipline. I was brave because I got safety gears and I held tight so I did not fall.

My field-trip was an awesome experience and the farm is vast. And a lot of people inhabit the place because it is cool.

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