Friday, February 7, 2014

The Wedding

On Sunday, we know that it is the wedding today so we pack up our things and left. We got a long trip to go to the wedding. It took three hours to get there and we arrived just in time.

First, we asked the owner (resort staff) for our room. Our room number was 210 and it was nice. Then we went to the beach (restaurant area) and play chess and I brought my magnifying glasses (lens) and I can burn a leaf. Then we went to the beach and watched the wedding. Later on, we let the (sky) lanterns fly. My favorite part was flying all those lanterns.

The next day, we rode the boat (motorized banca) and we went to the other island. We travelled 30 minutes to and from that place. I got bitten by small jellyfish and I was not afraid to swim in the deep (Rowin: we have floating vest on ourselves),  

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