Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Money Workshop

On Sunday, we attended at the Mother Care workshop and we learned about money. First, we listened to teacher Fitz. Second our activity was to use our money to buy crayons. It costs ten pesos. Third, teacher Fitz said that we color the picture of a flower to earn money. Then we learned about needs and wants and we knew that needs are more important  than wants.

Next, teacher Fitz said that we put our money into the piggy bank. Then we went to the bank and deposit our money. Next, we asked questions to teacher Fitz so we will know what we will do and earn money too.

Then we reviewed the things we did today and we won a raffle and we ate snacks. I ate three burgers and that’s the end of our workshop.

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  1. Did they, by chance, announce if there's another workshop like this coming up? :)