Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Lost Eden

On Saturday, we went to the Lost Eden Garden where there are lots of animals and pets. I played with a parakeet. His name is Leonardo. His color is white and he is still a baby bird.

First I saw a python that is 19 feet long and it can eat almost all creatures as a food (Rowin: our tour guide Flora explained that it eats 1 live chicken every two weeks). Second, I saw a sting-ray. It is very dangerous it can sting you and get you electrocuted. Third, I saw butterflies. Before they became butterflies, they were caterpillars. They eat plants and make a cocoon. Then they become butterflies. Fourth, I saw turtles that walk very slowly because they have heavy shells that protect them. They eat all kinds of vegetables. Fifth, I saw a peacock that is a male bird with beautiful colors. A peahen is the female that has only brown color. And a peafowl is a group of peacocks and peahen. Sixth, I saw bees. There are three kinds of bees – queen bee, worker bee and drone bee. They make honey and sip up the nectar of the flowers.

(Rowin: Lost Eden is a 40 year-old educational park of the Bio-Research facility in Sucat, Paranaque. Zek and Aim both have extra fun looking and interacting with animals especially the rabbits, birds and butterflies) 

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