Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ocean Defender

Later, we went to the Ocean Defender with kuya JC and we went inside the boat and it is really big and he (the Greenpeace volunteer) asked that we defend our ocean. We watch a film and we went up and we saw more (smaller) boats. Then we went to the control room where they control the boat and I’m the captain there (wore the captain’s hat). We took photos in the boat. To contribute to this, I will take out the trash and put it into the dump truck.

(Rowin - The Greenpeace Organization have docked and displayed their biggest Ocean Defender ship called MV Esperanza, a Russian fire-boat re-fitted to be environmentally-friendly as it helped the dedicated advocates to document, defend and take definitive and creative non-violent actions against “ocean abusers”, at the Manila Pier. They allowed the public to view it as part of their awareness programs about the dire situations of our seas and oceans)

From the Greenpeace flyer:

Learn more about the seas and how you can help protect them, check out
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