Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Museo Pambata

When we travelled to Museo Pambata, we had lot's of fun learning.

First, we went to the forest where there is a bahay kubo and an eagle with a slide. Second, we went to the under-water sea where there are big fish and a shell. Third, we went to the city where we saw lots of heroes (Filipinos during Spanish time), boat (Spanish Galleon), funny faces (those thing-a-ma-doodle where you insert your face and you have a painted figure on the other side), a train (early tram), church (Binondo), jeep, and a big (Spanish-style) house. Fourth, we went upstairs and went inside through the giant mouth entrance (except for Aim who was obviously scared by it). We saw the inside of the body, an x-ray, mirror, magnifying glass, body noises and a "jumping rope" inside the stomach (Rowin: :D that's the 25-foot small intestine replica).

Fifth, we went to the city with Chess game and a TV, a wind mill, factory, a bicycle, a cow and a jeep. Sixth, we went downstairs to see the art class with painting and a shop. Seventh, we went to Singapore area. There are clothes, big drums and a slipper painting.

And that's the end of the museum visit.    

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