Friday, July 12, 2013

CFA Friday Club : Story-telling

Later, my Dad and I went to the ninth floor with my classmates because the story-telling and the puppet show show is starting. So we all went inside the room and the first story is about the fish and the shrimp and the teachers were doing the action that the fish and the shrimp were doing. And the teachers asked questions. The second story (puppet show) is about the goat, lion and two dogs with music and the teachers asked questions again. The third story is about the ant and the dove and they did actions too. And the last story (puppet show) is about the mouse and the lion. The lion wanted to eat the mouse but he released him and the lion was captured. The mouse rescued him. We pray for all the stories (lessons learned) and we ate snacks (courtesy of the birthday couple - Bro.Bo and Marowe. Thanks po :) ) and play with my classmates. Then we went home and got lots of fun and that's the end of my story. :D

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