Monday, August 8, 2016

Moving In

Last June, my family transferred to a new place in Sta. Rosa called Laguna Bel Air 2. There is also Laguna Bel Air 1, 3 and 4 so it is a big residential area. We are renting a big yellow house which is near my new school.

The time when we arrived to our new house, it was both exciting and scary for me because I can meet new friends and I get to sleep in a very dark room.

From Monday to Friday I go to a traditional school named Seven Pillars Catholic School. It has two big green buildings, one for the students below grade 6 and another for the higher levels. In this school, all of the teachers are friendly and even the principal teaches us.  It is quite fun there because every Friday we go outside and do some physical exercise and I can do my favorite sports there like badminton and football.

 I met new friends there and their names were Justin, Sean, Carl, Raphael, John, Stanley, Jonathan and Marcus. Not all of them are friendly but I still like them and I’m still kind to them.

 Every time I return home, I finished my assignments and then I can have fun time like watching in the computer, reading some books, playing my favorite toys with my brother Aim and so much more.

I think this place is nice and now I feel happy and even more excited.

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