Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Itik-Itik sa Linggo ng Wika

Last week, my new school Seven Pillars celebrated the Linggo ng Wika.

When I went to our gymnasium, I was wearing classic Filipino shirt called Camizo de China with a farmer hat and a pair of rubber slippers.

Our grade level performed the “Itik, Itik” dance. The lower grade levels also danced while the upper grade levels performed play-scripts about old Filipino folk stories.  The Grade 8 class presentation is a bit nice because they have props, sound effects and costume.

After we danced, we went to our classroom to rest and changed our clothes then we watched the program.

Our school also made some food stands for the school’s business club. Before there was one stand and then there were three.

I enjoyed our performance because I learned some old folk dance moves. 

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