Thursday, August 25, 2016

Animal Arts

Last Sunday, we went to Alabang where we made our dragonfly artwork

First, we went to the Molito Building where the artwork is located, and then we registered and went to the table where we will make the art.

These are the items we used – wooden clothesline clip, paintbrush, color paints, water, two eyeballs, glue, wings, bendable wire and button.

To make the dragonfly, these are the steps:
1. paint the cloth clip, add some design 
2. glue the button then the two eyeballs
3. put the wings to the cloth clip
4. to make the other kind of wings get two bendable wires
5. make the bendable wire into wings
6. do the same with the other bendable wire but make it smaller
7. then put it to the cloth clip

After we were done making the dragonfly we all went home

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