Friday, April 1, 2016

Word Play

1.     Who is the actor that likes changing weather?
Answer: Liam Season

2.     Who is the Autobot that cannot be seen?
Answer: Iron HIDE

3.     Who is the Decepticon robot that likes to block?
Answer: Barricade

4.     What do you call a tower full of pizza?
Answer: Leaning Tower of Pizza

5.     What is the favorite movie of rabbits?
Answer: Hoppit

6.     Who is the Autobot that likes music?
Answer: Jazz

7.     Why does Darth Vader’s army always bring umbrellas?
Answer: Because they are Storm-troopers

8.     What is the pogostick’s favorite season?
Answer: Spring

9.     What happens when the Flash falls into a water?
Answer: He becomes Splash

10.  Who is the Star Wars character that always wins?
Answer: Obi-WON Kenobi

11.  What do you call a bread spread that has many colors?
Answer: Butterfly

12.  Who is the Star Wars character that likes to mental-exercise?
Answer: Master Yoga

13.  Why can Batman drive well at night?
Answer: Because he is Bruce Way.

.(Daddy R: Zek has always been fond of reading jokes and amongst his favorite booklets are those old copies of our Snoopy and Archie digests. He also loves reading K-Zone magazine and guess what section he immediately flips onto as soon as he holds a copy? Your guess is right – Jokes Section! So it is not a surprise anymore that every time out-of-the-blue, he would blurt out a joke to us or his friends or cousins. Above are some of his “originals” and surely more will come. :D)

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