Friday, April 1, 2016

Congratulations, Zek!

To our dearest Zek,
How time flies!

We can still remember you as our young energetic toddler who runs around tirelessly and aimlessly towards anything that catches your attention.
Now, you are a fully grown-up boy knocking at the door of adolescence. We are very proud of you and all your accomplishments in our home-school learning and life-fulfilling experiences.
We did have a "colorful" home-learning experiences because during challenging times, I saw red, then you turn blue. But at the end of the day, we can see the white light at the end of the tunnel. We always saw it through the bad times.

You are a smart and loving boy. You will always be. And if you master the art of focus and hard work, we believe in our hearts that you will be a successful student and a significant person for life.
Congratulations to you, our proud graduate!
We love you very much!
Daddy, Mommy and Aim

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