Sunday, April 3, 2016

Everything Starts Now

On April 1, 2016 we went to Lantana St, Cubao and to a church named Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral for our CFA graduation and moving-up ceremonies.

At first, we went in line to register. Second, we gathered together to final-practice our song. We waited until 10:00 am for the holy mass to start. Afterwards, the ceremony for the batch 2. We marched to our assigned seats on the front with our parents on our side.

Our grade-school head, Ms.Rita Yokingco, announced our names one by one to receive our certificates and medal awards on the stage and to have our family picture taken with Bro. Bo Sanches, our school founder.

While waiting for my name to be called, I felt nervous the whole time but then I felt proud and happy when it was over. I got 2 medals for loyalty and for character award which is Forgiveness

My classmates, Mico and Maida and I talked about of our recent entrance tests in other schools and where to live. We also played some Filipino games and exchanged a lot of jokes with each other.

To all my good CFA classmates and friends - Maida, Mico, Mau, Mandy, Paul, Nathan, Echo and Belle, congratulations and I just hope I could see them all again soon. And to my parents, parent coach Ms. Imee Binay and most of all to Jesus, I give my loving thanks.

I am so excited now to turn Grade 7 because I am gaining more knowledge.  And as I go to the new school, I will surely meet new friends

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