Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shell Eco-Marathon

We went to the Shell Eco-Marathon last week and we saw so many stuffs there such as exhibit tents, promotion booths. And as we entered to the marathon there were so many things to do. 

We first went to the Fan Zone where there was a Shell booth that gives away mini toy cars that runs with salt water. Then we saw the part where the participants assemble their cars which is rare because they run with only a little fuel inside. But they are more small than the normal car because only one person can fit inside. We also tried the remote controlled toy cars to move around a mini city within 2 minutes. After the game we collected prize giveaways such as notebooks and key chains with LED light. 

After that we went to the picture booth with a mini gas station and two cars.We pretended we were a gasoline crew and a car owner who wants to gas up. Next, we watched the race track competition of the assembled mini salt cars. Later, Aim joined the drawing zone and put his drawing in the wall of pictures. Meanwhile I joined the Coke zone where I tried to make a puzzle in one minute. They gave me a red rubber bracelet.

Because it was only the first day and all competitors were still assembling their cars, we were only able to see 1 car go around the tracks for their test-run. 

Finally we went to the energy zone where we learned, using virtual 4D glasses, how Shell company explores gas under the sea and how the engine car works. We also received more giveaways inside the Energy zone.

Lots learned and lots of fun!

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