Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rizal Shrine

Before we went home, we have a quick visit to Rizal’s home in Calamba. His house was so old but big, so I think that he was rich. 

As we entered, we saw very old items like bed, dining table, kitchen and the visitor’s table. There are two rooms upstairs. I was surprised about the toilet because it’s like a long chair with a hole on it and another room is where the buckets (aka tapayans) of water for the toilet are. Beside the toilet, there is a well. In the stone garage, there is a carriage. We saw Rizal’s spacious backyard with a bahay-kubo and a statue of the small Rizal.

Afterwards we went to the other museum halls full of old items like his hat, clothes, money during his time including the ones with his face, polo, coat socks and his pants. We also saw a statue of Rizal as an adult.

Did you know that:  
 1.   There are three animals named after Rizal such as Apogonia Rizali, Draco Rizali and finally  Rachophorous Rizali.  These species of animals were the ones he collected while he was an exile in Dapitan

2. Contrary to popular belief, the Rizal monument in Luneta was not made by a Filipino artist. The design was the work of Swiss sculptor named Richard Kissling who won second prize in an art competition
3. Rizal cured himself of tuberculosis.

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