Saturday, March 12, 2016

CFA Recollection

On March 10, we, the Grade 6 students of CFA, participated in a year-end recollection where we learned new stuffs and played games. We talked about teenage life with our teacher Kuya Pao and Tita Mayette.

First, we played a game called “Do you love me?”. Next was, “Introducing yourself” and wrote something about ourselves and writing about the things we love and hate. Then Teacher Pao showed us some short videos for us to memorize and he also showed us a few pictures examples for seeming, seeking, identity, seeing, selfie  and sinning.

 After we read Psalm 136:14, I thought that what the Lord is telling me are not to be afraid and not to worry. He will always be helping me in times of trouble, and He will help me to find my passion.

Mandy and I went to the photo studio to take pictures of us wearing graduation clothes. Afterwards, went back to CFA to get our stuff and went to our parents so I could go home.

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